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[WP8] app for WP8 8x by HTC needs fixed

[WP8] app for WP8 8x by HTC needs fixed

the music does not play and i am paying for a subscription this is a waste of my money and my time !


it keeps trying to load and nothing happens i waited 4 hours for it to play music and it wont and it keeps asking me to log in why such a crappy app for WP8?


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Hi! Welcome to the community! Have you tried to reinstall the app on your device?

yes around 78 times and i hate logging in every time i open the app!

We need more information to find a solution for this issue. Do you remember when this issue appeared for the first time? Can you log in to the app and see all your playlists, friends and such or it freezes at logging? Did you try the suggestion from this topic?

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