WP8 - beta or what ???


WP8 - beta or what ???


WP was launched 3 years ago, WP8 a year ago. I think it was enough time to polish such a simple app like music player. But yet Spotify doesn't have most basic features I used to have in my old Winamp in the 90's or foobar2000 (if anyone remembers that one).

- no sync with desktop app, no my own tracks can be synced

- no support for local music stored on my Nokia (so spotify cannot be my the only one player)

- no filtering playlist already downloaded on the phone (must dig through mine I have no idea how many playlists)

- no searching playlists

- extremely long list of bugs (massive issue with mistakenly being offline)

- some people may like design, but I think it's very cumbersome and hard to use effectively (black/green version would be awesome)

- no last fm support

- no radio

 etc, etc, etc.....

Like for a paid service it's very poor support.

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I just jumped ship to XBM today. Had to give up a sweet 3k-track DnB playlist and a few of the more obscure tracks I liked, though, which does bode well for the service in general. It's just up until you start talking about the WP8 support and then it all goes to hell.

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Once the Nokia 1520 comes out I'm leaving Spotify because of the lack of support in Windows Phone. There are 75 to 100 million users of windows phone. If that's not enough to make a decent app then it's time to go.


I've tried to move to XBM but there is no playlists at all, and no option to delete all albums and of course no social support at all. I will wait for WP8.1 maybe they will fix the most basic problems and then I will jump over there. I'm sick of Spotify being so prymitive.