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[WP8] won't play from my playlists

[WP8] won't play from my playlists

Im using an HTC 8S. My playlists appear ok (originally created on desktop) but when I scroll down the list without selecting a track the app closes. If on a rare occasion where it doesn't close and I tap on a track it fails to play - and again the app will close. The only way I can listen to music is to use the search function, search for a track and listen to it that way. Frustrating that I can't access my comprehensive playlist ... in short - my playlists won't play

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Exactly same problem here. I am on Nokia Lumia 920. I do have a lot of playlists admittedly, but that's not the excuse for this bug.

This problem is very common in WP7.


So I would suggest to do clean re-install of app or reboot your phone.

Tried reboot & reinstallation - still the same

Same here :'(

I've created a bug topic for this issue. Please add any more pertinent information here.

Community Ergo Sum

Hey everyone!


This should be resolved for you now. If anyone is having trouble with excessive crashing on the latest update, please let us know by posting here. 



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