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Was there a major decrease in sound quality after latest update?

Was there a major decrease in sound quality after latest update?

For the last week or so I've had issues with Spotify on mobile.  In both on and offline mode, there's major sound quality issues.  The audio has been sounding like it's playing on a CD that's constantly skipping.  I'm playing through my Nexus 5 and it's only happening with Spotify.  Any other app that I use that has audio (youtube, twitch) does not have this problem.  I've tested multiple audio devices (headphones, speakers, even my car stereo) and it's only with Spotify that this happens with.  I've uninstalled, deleted all data, cleared my cache, rebooted my phone, then reinstalled multiple times, and the issue persists.  It's super disappointing because I absolutely love the service but if this Nexus5, qualitypersists I don't want to keep paying for it.  Has this happened to anyone else?

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What do you mean exactly by "decrease in sound quality"?

Do you mean artifacts, hiss, or impression of hearing a badly encoded mp3? Or do you mean gaps, like choppy stream, and impression that it is constantly and very quickly paused and resumed?

It almost sounds like a CD skipping.  Been happening for the past week or so now, but I uninstalled and reinstalled today, cleared my offline authorized devices so it's just my phone. I did have the in-app EQ set as well so I tried taking that off and the issue seemed to go away once I did that.

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