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Way to know time/date or playlist you saved a song to?

Way to know time/date or playlist you saved a song to?

I recently went to listen to an artist playing a nearby venue and loved their sound and realized I had at some point saved the track and downloaded it for offline listening. I have it set up so my many playlists including discovery weekly each week all auto download for offline but I have so many changing playlists that I have no idea where this track is or when I saved it but would really like to know any of this info.. is there a way to find any of this out via specific search somehow under playlists only or similar? Thanks!
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The best way I know how to go about this is still really manual unfortunately. I'd go into each playlist individually and under the filter option search the band name. Still really manual but does cut out some scrolling. Definitely easier to do this on a desktop version of Spotify if you have it.


Hope this helps some? 

Yeah I figured that was the only way but thought it was worth a shot to ask if someone had a clever solution or workaround type of thing - thanks though! 🙂

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