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[Web Player][Developer] Backintracks

[Web Player][Developer] Backintracks

Dear Spotify developers, 

I play e-guitar at home and I'm used to play my favorite songs by playing with backingtracks. There has been a website that has provided a really huge database with tracks where one or more instruments where removed from the original audio track. Unfortunately this website seems to be offline since a few days. 

Since you have the rights to provide us with nearly every song that exists it would be a very nice upgrade to Spotify if it can provide a possibility to create my own backingtracks from my favorite songs on Spotity by deselecting the instrument audio trace that I want to complement by playing it by myself. 

I found e.g. a backingtrack for Seek and Destroy of Metallica but it is not of good quality and it is without both the lead and the rhythm guitar. I would love to have a chance to select the instrument by myself that I want to play on a high quality song. 

I'm pretty sure that in the Spotify community many musicians would love such a backingtrack tool, since there is no other solution available that brings both the music files and the tool. 

I hope this idea will find open ears and minds. It would make me really happy. 


Kind regards from Germany

Best, Marco


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