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Web Player Discrepancies

Web Player Discrepancies

I am new to this forum community however I have been a premium customer for years.  I do not have the app installed on my work PC due to restrictions, so I use the web player which I am very grateful they have.  However I have encountered a major change in the UI that took place last year some time.


These discrepancies were all apart of a major UI update that changed the layout of UI which is completely different from my app installed on my PC at home (which is updated btw, so I don't understand why they are different).  The web player app no longer shows when tracks were added to playlist, no longer has the duplicate song alert when adding a track to a playlist that already has the song and also doesn't have the ability to sort by columns anymore.


Can anyone give me more information on what happened and if there are any options to go back to the previous UI/functionality?  Or has anyone else experienced what I am talking about?


I appreciate any time spent on this.



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