[Web Player] Everything wrong with the new Spotify

[Web Player] Everything wrong with the new Spotify


Dear Spotify team,


this is my first post in the idea community, and I apologize in advance for my first post being full of moaning. 😉 If this topic already exists somewhere else, I also apologize, I couldn't find it via the search field.


Anyways, about a week ago or so, my Spotify Web Player suddenly looked very different than it used to do, completely different layout. Well, I admit that I ALWAYS have trouble coping with new layouts; I'm definitely more of a "never change a running system" kind of person. So maybe, my complains about the new layout being #unclear and #confusing might abate over time. However, I'm pretty sure that at least one new innovation will keep annoying me: The fonts used in all four main frames (track history on the left, search field on the top right, search results on middle right, current track playing on bottom right) are way too big. They are so big that only a small number of lines can be read without scrolling up and down. This is very annoying.


Then, while there might be new features I haven't discovered yet, there are so many features MISSING now, which make the handling of Spotify a lot more complicated. Some examples:


- The #sliding system is gone. You can't switch between search/results/albums/tracks anymore by sliding the windows open and close from left to right. (I hope you know what I mean, I have sometimes trouble explaining problems in English because it's not my mothertongue.)


- The albums of an artist are not shown with their #tracklist anymore (album left, track list right), so if you are looking for a specific track of an artist but you can't remember on which album it is, you have to open every single album to find it, one at a time. Man, that's so time consuming...


- Maybe I'm just blind, but I don't see the #length of the currently played track anymore, neither do I see a time marking the current #position of a currently played track. You know what I mean? I'm missing some information like "This track is 3:24 long, and your position in this track is 1:13". These informations just seem to be gone since the update.


- The search results' #history is incomplete. Sometimes, it shows me my last and my third last search but not my second last search. Sometimes, it even shows me search results in the history which I never entered. When I actually searched for "Disney instrumental", for example, the history tells me I had searched for "Gisela (In the Style of Disney OT) [Karaoike Version]", or when I searched for "Beluga Lagoon" (which came without results because they are not on Spotify yet), the search history says I searched for "Beluga's Trio". This is quite confusing.


Last but not least, it's not working propperly. In the past few days, it has happened so often that when I click on the play button of a song, it reacts only visually (by becoming green for a second or by flashing on and of once, you know what I mean?), but the track won't start. Nothing happens. Then, I have to use F5 to #reload the entire Spotify page, make my way to the desired track again, click play again and hope for it to work. It sometimes takes up to 6 reloads before the track actually starts playing. This is especially annoying when I'm listening to an audio book. I always have to scroll back and forth in the track to find where I had pushed the pause button before everything stopped working the way it should.


Again, I'm really sorry that my first post in this community is full of complains, but I really didn't find another contact option to send this feedback to you. Maybe you could check on some of the issues and consider putting them back the way they were? I'm really missing all the good old features of the Spotify I used to know. ❤️


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Is the function sorting the tracks and albums completely gone (Webplayer) or was it just me not finding it? I hope worsening the webplayer handling isn't just a **bleep** move to get more downloads on the slow spotify app. 

How can I sort my Albums? New update is terrible, I am disappointed with the service youre providing me.

I am also a premium user so why force me to use the app, can't install it at work you have to understand.


Hey! Thanks for your opinion!

If you would like Spotify to revert back to the old webplayer please vote for this idea.




Just voted, thanks for telling me about it.


Was this changed without the community involvement? And if so why do we now have to fight to get the better options back?


This new one is missing the next song playlist, you know, the one where when you press the random button it tells you what is randomly going to be playing next so I can decide to skip if I wanted to.

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