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[Web Player][Firefox] Unable to view podcast episodes

[Web Player][Firefox] Unable to view podcast episodes

To be specific, I am unable to scroll down to view previous episodes of Last Podcast on the Left, limiting me to only the first 50 or so episodes that initially load. I am trying this on Windows 10, on Firefox 75.0 (64-bit). It seems as though the web page isn't recognizing that I've scrolled to the bottom and isn't firing an event to load the next  episodes. I am a very big fan of Last Podcast on the Left, and it's very frustrating to be locked out. Please let me know if I left out any necessary details, and thanks!


[EDIT] Found a workaround for anyone else experiencing this issue: scroll to the bottom of the page, open then close the queue button, the page should load more episodes. Not ideal, but it works (for me at least)

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