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Web Player Issue


Web Player Issue

Hi folks. We're aware that Web Player doesn't currently work for everyone.


We're investigating and will let you know when there's an update.

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Good news! We've resolved the issue and everything should return to normal within the hour.


Our apologies for the inconvenience and Rock on!

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Hello and welcome to the Spotify Community!


You can try the following:


  • Clean browser's cache
  • Try incognito mode
  • Try withj another browser

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Good news! We've resolved the issue and everything should return to normal within the hour.


Our apologies for the inconvenience and Rock on!

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Hi there!


I have been having problems with the downloaded spotify application for a while. I wrote a message about it a while ago, no response. I can't log in to the Spotify player on my computer,  I can log in to my account on spotify website on the internet via my facebook account but it would not play any music for me, does not work at all. 

Hi @user-removed This seems to be your first post so maybe your previous one was under a different username? 


What operating system are you using and do you get any error messages when you try to play music?

Hi Joe.


Yeah I have contacted the Spotify team directly, got email confirming my request and thats all... I use windows 7 and as a browser I use Google Chrome. On the Intrenet I can log in, but my playlists and all my history is gone. And when I try to play a song it would say that currently there is a problem, probably some network restrictions but they are working on it. For about two weeks I had problem to log in to my application on the computer. Everytime i loged in through my facebook account it would ask me to log in using my spotify account credentials. Which I cannot since I have created my account using facebook. When I put the name of my account in, it would not recognise the password, however it would recognise me, since it specificaly say, hi Kristy, please log in to your existing Spotify account... 

Ah thanks. So you received one of those dreaded automated emails from a no-reply address? In that case, replying to it will push your case to one of the consultants and you should hear back within 24 hours. If you don't post the 8 digit case number and I'll chase it up for you.



I recently purchased a Chromebook (Acer C720 w/ Intel Processor) and the Web Player has not worked with it since I bought it in December.  I login with my Facebook account, and get nothing but this screenshot that's attached.  I've done some research and can't seem to find a solution that works.  I've cleared my cache and done the backdoor login from a Spotify link on Facebook and I get the same result.  I realize that the Web Player is still in Beta, so it's a work in progress, I just wanted to let my personal experience be known so it can be added to the list of situations that need to be addressed, as I couldn't find someone on here with the same computer and problem as myself.


If you have any more suggestions as to what I can do to maybe make it work, I'm totally open to whatever tricks you can think of.


Luckily, I'm able to use Spotify on my Nexus 4, so I haven't been without the service.


Thanks for any help!

Screenshot 2014-04-02 at 02.54.02.png

Hi @gavinoby and thanks for the screenshot. There's a long thread on this here. There may be some ideas in it which could work for you.

Hi folks.

Today I check new updates to Web Player.

And I have few suggestions.

1 - on attached image I marked buttons where I think is bad background position.

2 - when I am looking on some album, I don't see what was previous (as it was in previous version of design). Now it's black area, but with same functionality. Maybe you can add some arrow on hover to show it is "back-button"

3 - on this page, while writing reply, text "Autosaved at 2:23 PM" is under buttons "Spell Check" and "Quote"


I use chrome which looks fine but I just fired up firefox and those buttons are definitely off-centre.

Unable to access the spotify web player in internet explorer on multiple computers. Is the required version of flash ahead of the current IE version?




Following the link:


I applied the recommended IE upgrade at the bottom of the thread and restarted with no improvement. Have not attempted in a while but was formerly able to use IE without issue (I believe this was before the interface changed.)






Disregard, I attempted to load it again now and it worked. Not sure what the issue was.


Hey!  Thanks for the suggestion, but none of that worked, unfortunately.  I'll keep an eye out for alternative solutions or to see if Spotify can get it up and running.  I guess my ChromeOS situation isn't exclusive to my environment.  Sounds like it may be server-based.

In chrome browser many features are missing, have tried different size and resolution.

Many buttons  are missing, like queue and total collection view. Worst of all no folders, have have

thing organized down to about 10 folders, but 500 playlist, this is hard to look at if i have to

scan through 500 playlist.  HOW DO I GET FOLDER VIEW.????   What am i missing, have searched

and found nothing to help me.        I guess i give up on browser view for now.


The web player is still being developed and a lot of features which exist on the desktop client haven't made it there yet. If you search the ideas topic, you'll find that these have all been requested.

The ellipsis or additional options buttons on tracks does not work on the web player in any browser, it's becoming as janky as the app. With no support other than a forum, it's about time to go to rdio. I'm tired of paying for the privelige of waiting and waiting for functions to work when pressed.

I've been having the same problems with Spotify. I have Win 7 and Chrome browser. It's been bad all week long. Earlier this week it kept giving me the circle thing in the center of the screen while it tried to connect to the server. Now it seems fine except that my browser freezes and every other application has problems as long as Spotify is connected. While Spotify is open, my Outlook, Word, Excel and other programs all run very sluggish and frequently show "Not Responding" in their title bar. This strange behavior in the other programs stops and goes back to normal as soon as I close the browser that Spotify had been open in. 


There is definitely something wrong with the web version of Spotify now that wasn't there last week. Itunes radio and TuneIn still work just fine so I've been using them this week since I can't get Spotify to work properly.

spotify web player still doesnt work for me in neither of my os (windows 7 and ubuntu 13.10)
flash fully updated. no problems logging in. but when i click a song to play it starts but no sound comes and after a few secs it pops the unfortunately we cant  etc etc message and then starts changing songs
pls halp =( i dont wanna go to youtube again

Hi Joe, 


thank you for your help!! As you said I replied to the no reply adress and they got back to me in a day and fixed the problem (kind of) the next day. Somehow another account under my name got created which confused the whole Spotify. Now the problem with my application on the computer is fixed, however I cannot lay music on the web player. And also as you can see I am replying as Kristy 09, since apparently Kristy29 was created with my "second" account which doesnt exist anymore, still I could not log in as Kristy29... Also on the computer app I dont see my name, just the number and there is no photo, I have connected to Facebook, but there is still some problem apparently.. Well, at least I can listen to music now.. ^^ 


So thanks again and if someone has advice on how to fix also the rest of the problems, let me know. 🙂

Hey a new, younger Kristy! As this still sounds like an account issue, keep the dialogue going with the support guys. They love to help and will be delighted to fix any remaining issues for you. Just reply to the last email you had from them and keep replying until you're satisfied 🙂


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