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Web Player Not Playing Songs Back to Back

Web Player Not Playing Songs Back to Back

Hi I am playing Spotify through the Web Player. I am just listening to my "songs" list, but earlier I was listening to the "Discover Weekly" playlist. I press play and it plays through the whole song then switches to the next song before stopping, I then have to manually go in and restart the next song so that it will play. This is the first time it has done this.


I've closed my browser and restarted it along with logging out of the online account.


The image I have attached is what it looks like when it switches songs, and no it does not continue the song count, it is just static.

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Mine's been doing the exact same thing. It's infuritating, can't get through an album without this happening several times throughout.

Hey @smjabusch and @plsamnew


What browsers are you on?

I'd recommend cleaning cookies and cache. 🙂


Keep me posted!

I'm using Firefox, never had a problem with it until about a week ago! I cleared my cache and cookies after I noticed it happening, but there's been no improvement 😞 Thanks for the suggestion though!

I'm running Firefox 59.0.2 (latest) and experiencing the exact same issue. I have tried disabling all extensions, clearing cache/cookies, and nothing has worked. Please fix this, it's infuriating.

I'm having the same problem, it's really annoying. I initially thought it might be related to song length, needing manual attention when the next song in the queue is shorter than the one that just finished. But now it seems random.


This has been going on for a few days now. Doubt it's a browser issue but since someone asked, I use Firefox.

I have the exact same problem on Firefox since about the beginning of last week.

I manually have to rewind the next song so it will start playing, really annoying.

It seems like Chrome doesn't have this problem.


Same issue here since beginning of last week. And I am also using Firefox, so it's most likely browser-related


Firefox 59.0.2 (64-bit), Windows 10

Hi there,


My problem is similar with the open.webplayer is, that almost 95% of the time any playlist won't be played properly.

I click play, songs is running, after the song the webplayer stuck. Only when I klick "next" it starts playing again.

The timline is also showing a strange time, which is longer than the actual song has.

Screenshot-2018-4-23 Empire of Silence · While She Sleeps.png


I am using Windows 10 with Firefox 59.0.2 and I have Spotify Premium.

The behaviour is occuring with my own playlists as well as the automaticly generated ones like mixtapes or song radios.

Well it seems everyone in the thread is using Firefox, so it could well be browser-related. Any suggestions other than clearing cache and cookies?

This is happening to me too via firefox but only within the last few days, it was playing perfectly up until then. It will play one song then plays the second but with no sound? Cleared cache/cookies, re-downloaded the app to no avail. I have nothing left to try except to cancel Premium 😞

Hey all


There's an issue with playback on the web player on Firefox - rest assured as it's currently being looked into. 🙂


I suggest keeping a close eye on the related Issue thread as updates will be posted there - click here!


There are no issues with playback on other supported browsers like Chrome, and the downloadable desktop client works just fine as well.


Have a nice day 🙂

Thanks for the update! ^_^

Thank you for the update, this problem is killing me.  Bookmarked it and will keep checking!!


Good to know this is being acknowledged and looked into. It should be noted that for me at least, it also doesn't properly store play history. The "RECENTLY PLAYED" side bar updates just fine, but nothing in my "Recently Played" section under Home has updated since this playback issue. As with everyone here, I'm also using (an up to date) Firefox.

I'm happy again.

For some days no further problems occured anymore. Hope it's stable now.

What about you all guys? Do you have the same improvement?

Yeah I listened to a full album through there with no issues!

The problem still happens for me, but only on 32-bits versions of firefox, last versions, on both windows and linux. 64-bits firefox shows no problem.

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