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[Web Player][Radio] Marquee long title

[Web Player][Radio] Marquee long title

Beneath the central card of the "now playing" there is the song title just beside the up/down thumbs. This song name when it's too long it gets underneath the thumbs and cannot be read. I suggest to add a marquee class to the title and make it move on hover, if it is wide enough to get overlapped by the thumbs.

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Updated: 2015-07-28

On the Web Player when you hover over that title, doesn't it show a tool tip with the whole song title for you?

I mean this song titleSong title.png

I've moved your topic over here since, as you can see on my screenshot, it should show the title when hovering over it.



On which browser are you on? Is it the same for you when you're on a different browser?

I'm on Chrome. I havn't tried in any other browser. But I don't think is a browser problem because the marquee in the top right title displays correctly.

Alright, since I'm on Chrome too, that excludes the Browse problem.

Could you tell us your Operating System?
After that I can escalate it to the staff, so they can check the issue / forward it to the Web Player team. 🙂

I'm on Linux (Debian jessie 64-bit)

Oh, I'm sorry but Linux client is not officially been supported.

That's why escalating it, won't make sense I'm afraid. Especially since it seems to work fine on Windows and OSX.

Sorry, I hoped I could have helped you out more. Maybe you could check out the freshly released new beta client for Linux here.

Again, not officially supported but more of a side project of the Spotify devs.

But isn't the web player (not the desktop program) multiplatform? Anyway, it was only a suggestion. Thanks for your help!

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