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[Web Player] Skipping tracks, no sound

[Web Player] Skipping tracks, no sound

Hi there,

About a month ago Web Player (open.spotify) broke after months of almost flawless functioning. At first, Spotify skipped 2-3 tracks without playback and then displayed a pink notification bar saying something like "Something went wrong. Reload." but now it is only skipping tracks forever without playing them.

I use Chrome on Windows 7. I've tried clearing cache, cookies etc., managing Protected Content in Chrome, reinstalling the browser and even some User-Agent Switcher walkaround, but with no effect. Tried other browsers, but Spotify said they are not supported.


Do you have any ideas how to resolve this? Thanks!

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Hey @Azien


If you're using VPN, that may cause issues with Spotify. Some network restrictions may cause that too.
One network related thing I'd look into is the hosts file. Sometimes there are entries that reroute Spotify traffic to void. This is a pretty good guide to hosts world. If there are entries containing Spotify or Fastly, those are the most likely culprits.


Firefox (bot the stable and the blue versions, like Nightly) are supported. They should now have Widewine by default too. Opera, Chrome and Edge are supported as well, others are not.

If the web player gave the 'not supported' message under any of them, then the Widewine plugin is probably either not installed or it needs to be allowed to always activate.
I assume you have everything allowed under chrome://settings/content/protectedContent?
I've also allowed [*.] under unsandboxed plugins. I don't know if that has any actual effect.


A method that has worked for some users:

1. Log to your web player

2. Click on your user icon at the bottom left

3. Click on the "Full Website" button

4. Click on any proposed album under "Looking for music?"


You may have to hard-refresh (hit ctrl and F5) the web player, and you may have to repeat the last trick a few times. You should also try going to your Spotify account page, hit the 'Sign Out Everywhere' button and then try the aforementioned methods again.


Keep me posted 🙂

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