Web Player Stoped playing any song


Web Player Stoped playing any song


Recently the spotify web player just stopped playing anything in any browser. I still can click in any menu button, but if I click on any play buttons (a song, album, playlist, whatever) it doesn't work.

Anyone having the same problem?

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it appears that the SSL certificates on all the third party trackers that Spotify use are being blocked by browsers now, this is not essentially Spotifys fault.  They need to do some serius code rewrites though..  Hope they resolve it soon, very frustrating that I can't listen at work now!

This solution does not work for me at all. I'm using web player on Firefox 52.3.0 (Windows 7). I have cleared cookies and restarted the browser. The web player doesn't play any songs, when I click the play button, nothing happens. I tried Chrome as well, but the web player doesn't work in Chrome either.

And now the web player has made the side scroll bar disappear, so that I can only see the 12 top-most playlists. I can't scroll the page down to see the rest. But then again, none of the songs play anyway, so what's the point. Really, why am I paying 10 euros a month for this?


I'm also having this problem that web player doesn't play any songs. So far i have logged out from every device i had used my spotify account: android phone, desktop version and web player. Desktop and phone are working but the web version isn't and it's the only one i can use at my work. I have tried multiple computers, FF, IE, Chrome and Edge browsers and none of them work. I also deleted cookies etc. but no luck. Also the strange thing with web player is that it resets volume to the max every time i try to adjust it downwards. Help?!


To fix this same problem, I opened Spotify on my phone and played a song. While it was playing I went to swtich devices and selected the web player (for me it was Chrome) and then it connected and started working again. 


thanks..  problem is the device switch requires same wifi network, this is on an office PC different wire network.


I had this probelm and tried the suggestions I found on the forum

- reload

- change User Agent 

- replace my link


In the end what worked for me was starting spotify on my phone while having logged in and open in my browser. As soon as I started playing a song on my phone app, it would show in the browser as playin gon my device. then I switched the device in my browser to "This Web Browser" and it started playing in the browser. 

Since then all play buttons work again in the Web Browser. 



I tried most of the fixes from above and nothing worked. Then I noticed a little screen/device button next to the volume and changed it to another one, and that worked fine. 


Even after trying all of these solutions, I've come up with nothing. Anything else? (I'm using Firefox Quantum and I can't download the app because of restrictions at school)


2018 and it happen to me


Still no fix as today... Really annoying!


I've had this same issue twice now. The first time it accidentally resolved just by fiddling with the android spotify. The second time I didn't have it installed in my phone anymore so I contacted a friend who recently had the same issue. The solution was to go to facebook web page -> [apps and websites] and remove spotify from accessing facebook... or something like that. Then I restarted chromium and suddenly everything works.

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