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Web Player Won't Log In. WTH?

Web Player Won't Log In. WTH?

I can't login to the web player on my pc, but I can login on my Andriod phone. Anybody else having issues?



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I'm having the same issues. I have tried logging in with Facebook and it just doesn't allow it to go further and I tried resetting my password but it doesn't allow me to log in after resetting my password either.

I am getting the same error

Looks like login is dead everywhere except on devices where you have music available in offline mode.  I can't login on the desktop at all.

My mobile app just shows "connecting..." on the bottom of the app as well.

Problem persists even after resetting my password.


Login still fine via mobile, web player refuses to log in.  Alternates between "Incorrect Password" errors and "Authentication Failed" errors until it reaches max attempts.

i have the same problem


spotify please fix this! im premium and they had a lot of problems lately

I'm in via web player. It's back up.

Hey again everyone! Anyone still having trouble with this? 


You should now be able to log in without any issues. 


I am unable to login at I'm attempting to login with the Spotify login rather than the Facebook or Google+ login methods. I know my details are correct as I'm able to view my account.

When I log on on my android tablet works fine. when i log in to web player it says authentication failed

I am having this problem also. App hangs on log in on Win 10 PC using Google Chrome.  I see all kinds of work around suggestions posted throughout the forum, but is there an official Spotify approved/recomended fix ?  If so appreciate if someone can point me to it.  If not, Spotify folks, get on this fast... it's a fundamental issue !

I am still having trouble. Cannot log in to the web player with the same username and password I use to log into my account


Hi.two years later im still having this trouble.

Could you help us?



Authentication failed. Please try again

I still have this problem...

I'm still having trouble, now it says my account never existed, meanwhile I log into the same account with my ios device.

It doesn't work

Anytime a spam attack take place they are kicking us out from our accounts and can't login says the password or the username is incorrect.... this is totally unacceptable.

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