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Web Player ads-container broken

Web Player ads-container broken







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Windows 10

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 Currently the webplayer has a bug on the page where the ads-containter div covers the bottom section of the contentSpacing div. This becomes a problem since it covers the bottom song of an album if you need to scroll. This could easily be fixed by changing the postition of the ads-container div or adding a float clear. It is a little difficult to know which one woud work best as editing the html in chrome developer tools is painstaking. As a note this always happens to me and I was using the newest version of Chrome. I was able to get the ad box to disappear by using chrome developer tools to remve the div.

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Hey @-04y_fqodtw2p, help's here.


I tried reproducing this and couldn't see the banner covering the last track. This of course doesn't mean that it's not something we want to help out with 🙂


You mentioned that you'd made sure that the browser is updated, but please double-check that. 


Also, try opening the Web Browser in an incognito window and see if that helps.


If possible, open the Web Player in another browser and see if the issue persists. 


If that doesn't help, get back with your browser version, and a more detailed description of exactly where this happens (e.g. all albums, playlists etc.).


Keep us posted 🙂



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