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Web Player does not scrobble to

Web Player does not scrobble to

Since today, web player has not been scrobbling to, worked properly on May 4th, I am logged in, I can listen to my music, just Last,.fm does not show any music I am listening to.

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Known issue with the new Spotify Scrobbling (Beta) feature by, see this latest staff reply.


Keep in mind that you can also scrobble the Spotify web player with an external browser extension in the meantime.

Thank you! Web scrobbler has never worked for me before, gonna try now.

You have a few more options with the browser extension, e.g. you can edit the scrobble before it is submitted to which can help with title additions, wrong artists or albums, also with badly tagged YouTube videos.


In the meantime's general scrobbling feature should be working again, see this staff reply.

Thank you, works perfectly now.


How is it with the edition, can I edit it for everybody and help to keep names clean or not really?

No, it will only correct your individual scrobbles to your library. And you have to do this before it gets submitted, i.e. usually after 50% of the track length. After that editing with the browser extension is not possible anymore.

thank you!


unfortunately the problem is back, web player does not scrobble

I realized the desktop client didn't scrobble either. I was initially connected to through Spotify's own preferences.

Disconnecting and reconnecting didn't work. I connected's scrobbler app and for now it seems to be working (didn't disconnect from Spotify settings though).


Some major glitches. Since it seems that it's being worked on, then hopefully it will be alright very soon. 🙂

@mylengrave: Right, there was another hiccup with beta scrobbling by, but disconnecting / reconnecting it in your applications should enable it again.


@Sebasty: There seems to be a problem with the new Spotify desktop version 1.0.80 which has been reported as not scrobbling internally anymore. Users rolling back to older versions could use the internal scrobbling then. This might also be the case with a new Spotify Android app, but I cannot test that.

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