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Web Player doesn't work. It only works when turn on VPN.

Web Player doesn't work. It only works when turn on VPN.

I had the same issue with the desktop app but managed to fix it by luck. The problem is whenever i click play, no matter if it's a song or album, it doesn't play. No artwork pop up in the left corner, the playback status just freezes at 0:00. I only managed for it to work with VPN. I tried all sort of solution previously suggested on older posts, even tried switching devices by using my tablet but the web player doesn't show on the device list unless i was on VPN. Everything was fine up until yesterday. I also has the latest version of Chrome.

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I'm having the same issue, except I am logged on through a VPN and it's still not working. I had one song play on a playlist and when it ended, the next song didn't begin. I've refreshed, logged out, closed browser, etc. Nothing seems to work. 

I cleared my cached images and files as well as my cookies and other site data and now it's working properly. 

I did the same, multiple times but no success.

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