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Web Player freezes

Web Player freezes







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since about two weeks, i'm not able to use the spotify web player anymore.

Once i click on the play button (of a playlist / of an artist / whatever), the webpage freezes. In the chrome taskmanager it shows a 100% cpu usage for this tab. After a while chrome asks me to close the tab, because it crashed.  

This problem occurs in Chrome, Vivaldi and Firefox on two different devices (one with Windows, one with Linux). I haven't installed an addblocker or switched it off for spotify.

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Hey @mrgrimmig, help's here.


We first suggest that you try opening the Web Player in an incognito window to see if the issue persists.

It's also a good idea to enable full functionality on the site settings. Check the settings of your browser to make sure everything looks alright and enabled, and nothing is blocked.

Also make sure that your browser is up-to-date, and reset/uninstall the browsers if necessary, but keep in mind that you may lose some data.

Make sure to check out any firewall settings so that Spotify is allowed as well.

Lastly, try switching network connections and see if that helps. Restart the router.


If it doesn't work, get back to us with some more details and a screenshot and we'll help you further. 

Well, i've already tried to use spotify in an incognito tab, i didn't change any settings in my firewall, in my browser, wherever...  

Ok, now a really weired thing:

I asked a colleague of mine, to login (with his account) in the webbrowser (he usually uses an installed app). I worked. Then i logged me in with my account. It didn't work anymore. So, it has something to do with my account?!

Afterwards i checked out the app on my smartphone, started a song and was able to hear it (after the adverts). Then again i opened the webpage and was also able to play a song.  

Fortnuately the problem has been solved, but i have no idea what the problem actually was...

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