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Web Player loads and opens fine, but then doesn't play

Web Player loads and opens fine, but then doesn't play

I open Web Player in Chrome (all up to date) and it looks perfectly, but then whenever i try to click play for any song, either in the main window or via the play controls at the bottom of the window, nothing happens. 


Any ideas?

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Hey @rustofish


I recommend trying out the following tips to get the web player back to work. 🙂


1. Ensure that "This web player" is selected in the Spotify Connect button, it's between Queue and Volume.

2. Wipe your browser's cookies and cache.

3. Go to a random album and hit the three dots on any song to select "Copy song link". Now paste this to your browser's address bar and hit Enter.
This should force the web player to open the album and start playing the song. Hit play if it doesn't play anything yet.

4. Go to Spotify webpage, log in if you're not logged in yet and select any album in the "Jump back in" section. This should open the web player and make it play the album you selected.


Let me know how it goes!

Thank you for replay! I was not able to listen Spotify on the web for two day. Point 3 helped me.

- copy song link and paste it to browser bar (after second or third try) and it looks like everything is working now.


Before I tried two different browsers, tried to change device and so on without any luck.


since this morning I am experiencing the same issue. I trued your 4 points but anyone worked for me ? Wjat's going on ? Yesterday everything was working. Tried on other 2 laptop with Win10, spotify web player doen't open in google chrome  v. 66 and it crashes immediately !

Hey @skacazzo


I'd suggest restarting your router, especially if all three computers are under the same network. Could be network congestion of a kind. 🙂


Keep me posted!



Copying the song link and opening the URL worked for me - not sure how that exactly resolves the issue, but music is playing again. Thanks very much!

ya buddy!!! pasted link in browser bar and worked like a charm

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