Web Player "Your Music" section completely different than on iPhone App

Web Player "Your Music" section completely different than on iPhone App

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I've noticed for a long time that the "Your Music" section of the Spotify Web Player is completely different than the same section on my iPhone app. I attribute this mostly to the fact that they serve different purposes on each platform, but I can't understand what those purposes are. At any rate, it is extremely frustrating to expect that my Recently Played songs would appear in the same location (or at least somwhere in the Web Player) but not have that be true. 

In fact there doesn't seem to be ANYWHERE in the Web Player where I can see the same view as on my iPhone. There is a "Recently Played Artists" section in the Web Player when I click on my Profile but that doesn't show meany chronological order or really any order at all; just that I have played those artists before. It also doesn't show me any specific songs or albums I recently played.

I already tried clearing all of my browsing data in Google Chrome, signing out and signing back in, and confirming that I am logging in to both applications as the same user.

The only thing that shows up in the default "Your Music" in the Web Player is my Playlists. 

Is there anyway at all for me to see my Recently Played whatever (i.e. Specific Songs, Albums, Artists) in some ordered form, in the Web Player?

Please see attached screenshots for differences between Web Player and iPhone app.001118_Spotify Web Player - Spotify.jpg001119_Spotify Web Player - Spotify.jpgiphone.jpg

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Hey @Gionnik!


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We don't have this option available right now, but we'll let our developers know it's something you'd like to see.


On the other hand, regarding the difference between each platform. We'll pass your feedback on to the right team.


Let us know if there's anything else that we can do for you.
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I think I'm having a similar issue, my music profile is different between the web player and the Mac OS app. I've lost a lot of music history so I'd prefer to be able to merge these profiles. They are both registered under the same email and have the same password, so I can't figure it out.

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