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Web Player showing wrong album art?

Web Player showing wrong album art?



Sometimes, when I launch the Web Player, go to Your Music -> Albums and click on the Play icon on an album, the album starts playing normally and shows all the right track info, BUT the album art is from the last album I was listening to the previous time I was using the Web Player on the same computer.


Anyone else seen this?

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Hey @heipat,

Welcome to Spotify Community!

I've just tested this and I was unable to reproduce the issue.

Can you try clearing up your cache or using different browser and see if the issue persists?


Looking forward hearing from you! : - )



As I wrote, it only happens every now and then so it's now wonder you couldn't reproduce the issue.


As I also wrote it doesn't seem to get confused with albums I've listened to on another computer. So, the issue seems to be with the code that gets executed in the browser rather than a server side issue.


Since it happens rarely, it's hard to know if clearing the cache was the solution. Anywayw, here's my attempt at a theory about the cause:


- Current album art stays in local storage.

- The current album art is not cleared up when the album is finished, only hidden. Instead it's cleared when a new album starts.

- The code doesn't check if something went wrong with fetching the album art when the player starts a new album, it only checks if there is a cached album art or not, and assumes if there is art the fetching worked fine. After all, the previous album art should have been cleared up before fetching new art.

- If the browser and the web player were just started it's a new session and the web player doesn't understand there is an old album art to clear up if some condition is met.


Could be all wrong of course...


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