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This is reproducible on two different machines with different hardware.


Edge (with Flash) and IE (with Flash) when playing back music and scrolling down artist tracks, the playback stutters. Flash is updated via Windows Update (KB3201860)


Chrome and Firefox there is no problem. Chrome & Firefox are latest stable channel releases with PPAPI & NPAPI Flash


There are no network problems. All other sites I use exhibit no issues.


I have tried wired connection as well as wireless. I have tried different wireless cards and have tried all compatible driver releases. I have even changed the wireless card for a different OEM brand (Atheros>Broadcom).


I have tried all network drivers, all touchpad drivers and all graphics drivers.


I have cleared browser caches, reset Flash Player data. I have disabled hardware acceleration.


I have clean installed Windows 10. I run build 14393.351 on both machines.


I have ran Driver Verifier to clear unsigned and stress test them. I have used the Microsoft class driver for HD Audio, I have tried different default sample rates. I have turned off audio enhancements (none were selected, I even selected some to deselect them).


I cannot post a crash dump as the machine does not error, just audio stutters.


Both machines are different one is a laptop and the other a desktop with different graphics (Intel/nVidia), different audio (Realtek with different ICs), different NICs and WLAN, different input devices (Synaptics TP/MS USB Mouse) from different manufacturers (Acer/MSI).


Both are running the latest UEFI firmwares. Both are i7 CPUs with >8GB RAM


I can only say this is a problem common to ActiveX Flash with the Spotify Web Player and MS Browsers.


Please can you reproduce and fix?

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Still no progress on this? It stutters less in Chrome than IE or Edge.


All the drivers and Windows updates have had zero effect. Tried on another internet connection and the issue is still present. I have changed the WNIC to Intel, no difference.


Now running Windows 10 Creators Update 15063.447

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