[Web app] Clicking on ad crashes player

[Web app] Clicking on ad crashes player







Spotify Web App on Microsoft Edge Dev (Version 82.0.425.3 ) /Mozilla Firefox (73.0.1)

Device : ASUS K20CD, Windows 10 Home

Remote control via Spotify Connect:

Spotify on Android 7.0 (Samsung Galaxy Note5, reloads app)

Spotify on iPad OS 13.1.2 (iPad mini 4, doesn't redirect)


My Question or Issue

Recently, I had experienced issues regarding about ads that tells you to "click more to check out" their music/playlist. If the album art is clicked on interest, the whole ad stops and the player would grey out and stop. Functions like shuffle and repeat would reset to it being off.

If done on Firefox instead, it would jump to a Spotify link (eg. spotify:playlist:23lVA8jLlZZndUtfubMjbs) and would display "The address wasn't understood" message.

Clicking the ad on mobile via Spotify Connect on android would crash and reload the app while it would not do anything on iOS.

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