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Web player doesen't work

Web player doesen't work


Premium invite


 US(-Registered) (RU, For now)



Operating System

Win 10


My Question or Issue

My loaded page has nothing. But only if i logined in. Screenshot


Befor log inBefor log inAfter log inAfter log in

6 Replies

Hey @lll-Dasty-lll 🙂


You're using Yandex browser? I'm not quite sure it's possible to get the web player to function on that, at least without some little tricks.

I found one Yandex user using an user agent spoof for the web player. Since your browser is a Chromium based browser this should work. You can try this addon and use a Chrome user agent.


Spotify web player will work on these: Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Edge.


Let me know how you get on 🙂

 Same problem here too..

Mobile and windows app work but web player doesnt work..

Hey @Tegretolia


What browser and version of Windows are you running? 🙂


Chrome on Win10



What's happening when you try to use the web player? Is the play button not working, or is it not loading the player?


I'd recommend clearing your browser's cookies and cache. Also, try incognito mode.
You can also try if the web player works in Edge.


Let me know how it goes 🙂

when i try, its get fully black screen like first message..

and i try what u said, never changed

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