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Web player in chrome Aw Snap

Web player in chrome Aw Snap



Since about two weeks ago, my sportify web player tab keeps crashing in chrome. It plays about 5 songs and then the tab crashes and chrome gives the "Aw Snap". I find it fustrating to have to constantly refresh the tab to keep using the web players. I would love to  know if some has any solutions that would great and apreciated, I love spotify, but this is starting to get annoying.



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Hey @helloagin0! Welcome to the Spotify Community. ^^


That doesn't sound quite right.

Have you tried to use another browser or clearing your browser cache/cookies?

Let us know if that helps, thanks! ^^



Nico Thanks, iIve tried to clear the cache from the past week and it hasn't worked. The problem seems to only be with chrome, I've been using the web player on internet explorer and it seems to work just fine.

Yeah 1 week now i got this problem i do a post but nothing reply to me how and where i can contact spotify support or don't know ? There are not aware of this bug i guess 😕 hope you understand my english...

I noticed that it's easy to reproduce the issue like so:


1. Open up a chrome incognito window with all extensions disabled.

2. Use spotify and listen to some music for a while.

3. Open a new tab in the incognito window and view a flash video.

4. Spotify tab crashes.

So this is a way for Spotify to annoy users of AdBlock software? To overflow the memory (as the solution is to disable the AdBlocker on spotify web player?)

My impression is that it's related to the ad bug they accidentally introduced. I would try it with AdBlocker again once the ad issue is fixed. See for info concerning that bug.

Well, for me it's still problematic. In the case of Google Chrome, I get the "Aw Snap" every 5 to 10 songs. I have been using Firefox instead, where I don't get the "Aw Snap", but an entire browser crash...


I am running a Linux CentOS. My Firefox is 38.7 and Chrome is 49.


I use Ghostery against tracking.

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