Web player not loading all playlists

Web player not loading all playlists







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Many (half?) of my playlists aren't showing up in Spotify Web Player. They show up fine on Desktop and Mobile. (It's kind of hard to see what's missing because Web Player doesn't use folders - why would you accept such a vital navigational inconsistency across your platforms, Spotify?) 

I thought my playlists had somehow been deleted which really sucked, until I realized nope, they still exist, they just aren't showing up in the Web Player.

There's a similar issue posted but it says 'Solution - Spotify fixed it' which is not the case for me. 

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Exact same problem, consistent accross Chrome, Firefox, and Edge. 


It's showing 50 playlists. Adding a new one cuts whatever is showing last from the list. 50 was expanded to 200 in 2014. What's changed?


Spotify Rep: "It seems this is included on the recent changes on the web player and we're sorry if you're unhappy with the changes. I’ll be sure to let the right folks know."


Spotify seems to have fixed this by allowing more than 50 playlists, so I am able to access all playlists via the web player now - thank you. 

I'd still like to log a request for the Web Player to have folders like the desktop version - it's kind of nuts that they're inconsistent and makes it hard to find the playlists you want on web.


Hey @eileenbeall.


Thanks for getting in touch!


The issue with the webplayer not loading properly has been fixed indeed.


Keep in mind that the Web Player is a stripped version of the stand-alone app. So if you'd like to be able to use all features, we recommend downloading the app from here.


There is an Idea you can vote for, to implement folders in the Web Player. Feel free to vote even though the idea not being active anymore. That way we can track how popular certain ideas are. Here's a link.


If you have further questions for us, please let us know.


Have a nice day!

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