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Web player not playing any songs


Web player not playing any songs

I'm logged in via Facebook, i can browse artist albulms, etc but i can't play anything. 

If i click play on any song it doesn't update the player at the bottom.


Things i've tried

Logging out and back in

Using the sportify log out everywhere

Different browser

Chrome incognito mode

Clearing cookes + cache

using chrome dev tools - hard reload


I've tried with chrome, chrome incognito and edge.


When looking at the page via the chrome dev tools, everytime i click play i'm getting a 404 error!? 

I've attached the screenshot - the 404 url is this :


anyone know what is going on?

25 Replies

I've had this same issue twice now. The first time it accidentally resolved just by fiddling with the android spotify. The second time I didn't have it installed in my phone anymore so I contacted a friend who recently had the same issue. The solution was to go to facebook web page -> [apps and websites] and remove spotify from accessing facebook... or something like that. Then I restarted chromium and suddenly everything works.

Great tip. Works like magic

This worked in that I could listen to one song on the playlist, but the screen went completely blank and wouldn't play the next song. Is there a solution that keeps it going?

I was having the same issue but your fast-clicking/f5 trick worked! Thanks! 🙂

Hey @aspong


The web player goes blank? Strange...


I suggest trying out the following tips:


1. Ensure that "This web player" is selected in the Spotify Connect button, it's between Queue and Volume.

2. Wipe your browser's cookies and cache.

3. Go to a random album and hit the three dots on any song to select "Copy song link". Now paste this to your browser's address bar and hit Enter.
This should force the web player to open the album and start playing the song. Hit play if it doesn't play anything yet.

4. Go to Spotify webpage, log in if you're not logged in yet and select any album in the "Jump back in" section. This should open the web player and make it play the album you selected.


I also suggest restarting the router. Sometimes network lags and that can cause some peculiar issues.


Keep me posted! 🙂

I tried all of these tricks and clicking fast while pushing f5. When I click on the Spotify connect button this web player does not come up. I am on my work computer so I don’t have permissions to download the app. My phone is cannot connect to the WiFi my laptop is connected to. I can’t do anything with the router. It still is not working

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