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Web player showing wrong (old) track information

Web player showing wrong (old) track information


I'm experiencing some issues in the web player and the information that is shown.


Mainly, the information of some tracks gets stuck in the player display, the player goes on playing the following songs of the list but shows the old cover, title and artist. It usually recovers when an ad is played (it puts the correct add title and cover, then it displays the information that was there before the ad and then the correct song info -the one that is playing-).

Pausing and pressing play again usually reloads the song information.


Here's a screenshot of this issue (when playing radio). The song that was being played was "R u mine" while the player shows the info of the previous song:spotify.png

After the song was played, the information was updated to the correct song.


Another issue, which may be related, is that some times it keeps the old song information and goes on playing (as before) but the play button is like when it is paused (it displays the triangle to play the song rather than the pause symbol, and pressing play doesn't have any effect). Passing to the next song refreshes the player and the correct information is shown. This usually happens after an ad, and sometimes when the player changes the song it changes also the information, but it shows the previous song rather than the one which is being played.


This second thing is shown in this screenshot (taken some tracks after the first one). The song that was being played was the "Take me out" one:


After the song was finished, the information was reloaded and displayed accordingly with what was being played. Some times it gets stuck during some tracks. Some songs after it happened again just after an ad (ad info was displayed, after it finished the next song was played but it the information of the song before the ad was shown). Notice that the music is being played (the mouse was hovering the speakers icon in the radio page). 


If the source is a radio, the radio page shows the correct information (as seen in the screenshots) and I can actually pause the music, but the player in the right does not work.


The issues usually arise when the player has been on and playing for some time and reloading the page seems to refresh everything.


I am using Spotify Web Player on ubuntu with Chrome 44.0.2403.155, but I've been experiencing it for a while in different devices (all with chrome, both Windows 8.1 and Linux).


I really like the web player but this is quite annoying and it happens very frequently! 

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