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[WebPlayer] No Settings or Scrobble anymore?

[WebPlayer] No Settings or Scrobble anymore?

Hi guys,


I'm sure the webplayer used to be able to scrobble to Last.Fm but it doesn't seem to be working anymore.


Was this rermoved in the latest updated? All working fine through the desktop app.



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I am missing integration into the new web player, too. I am supporting Spotify with my premium membership and it takes away good features one by one. 


Web player update is great, just please, don't remove features too fast if you can't finish the product before release to the public, Spotify team!

they should bring back to the web design


The Spotify Web Player does not work anymore. I'm unable to download at work and would like to listen to music but nothings working. I've tried the settings and went through all the blocked and unblocked sites and cookies making all the correct adjustments and for nothing! Nothing Works!  😞


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Hey @shineon4me, are you having issues with the web player or scrobbling?


In general there are two ways you can scrobble your listenings on Spotify's web player:

1. by connecting Spotify Scrobbling in your settings.

2. by using Web Scrobbler or some other scrobbling add-on for browsers.


If you want help with Spotify scrobbling, see this Support thread. It's a thorough guide of many things you can try when troubleshooting.


Let me know how I can help you 🙂

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