WebPlayer not working on 1 computer (waiting for facebook.com ???)


WebPlayer not working on 1 computer (waiting for facebook.com ???)

Casual Listener

Hi All,


I've always used the web-player on Chrome and it worked perfectly until yesterday.

Today it decided not to work.

I can open the web-player, but any song I select, it just hangs there for a few seconds, and then it tells me it disconnected from spotify. .. 

on the bottom of the screen I can see a "witing for facebook,com" message.


I don't use the facebook sign in, so it doesn't make sense.

On another pc the web-player works fine.

I've tried removing the plugin and re-enabling it, deleting cache and cookies, and tried all other browser, but no luck.

I've also updated Flash Player, for the sake of trying everything...


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Casual Listener

I have the exact same problem. I'm on chrome and explorer and both are updated to the last version. I don't get it!


I had the same problem, my bookmarked link would not load anything. Not even the login screen. 

Then I found this link on another forum and it works fine now: https://play.spotify.com?ap=wss://sjc1-linkap-a3.ap.spotify.com:443

Casual Listener

that doesn't seem to work.


another thing I've noticed is that since this issue started even youtube videos have problems .... 


I'm running out of ideas .... 😞