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Webplayer: Playlist songs won't play

Webplayer: Playlist songs won't play

I'm using the webplayer at work on Google Chrome (or Firefox - the issue is happening in both browsers).


I have a beautiful 1800-song playlist I built. When I open it (or any other playlist) and click on 'Play' or click on any song, it looks as though it should be playing - the play button turns to a pause button - but nothing is playing. If I search for an album I can play that just fine, and the playlist works great through my phone or my downloaded Windows player at home. But at work, this is where I want to listen to this music.


Everything worked fine up until a couple weeks ago. I tried clearing my cookies - everything I could do with my limited access, as this is a networked computer at work (hence my inability to install the player). I like listening to full albums, but this is why I'm paying for Premium - so I can listen to that playlist at work. 


I don't see any other way to contact Spotify for support so I'm hoping someone can help me here. 




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Since this is on a work network. What about using an incognito window on Chrome to access the Spotify webplayer, does the playlist now play correct? Are there any network rules or restrictions at your work place regarding streaming music? How much time do you give the webplayer to load the 1,800 track playlist before trying to play? You might try breaking the playlist down into say 500 tracks and see if the playlists play better? Just offering ideas to see if maybe it is the track number length causing issues with playback in playlists, so I can escalate this to be looked into.


Which Windows OS is this happening with currently?

Can't use incognito Chrome here - it's a pretty restricted network, though I've been streaming music here for years, with the free version of Spotify for a while and with the Sirius/XM for ages before that. It's a Windows 7 system.


That said, I reloaded the playlist and let it all load, scrolling down slowly to make sure every song populated. And the playlist worked, so maybe it was just overflow for this computer's memory or something. Anyhow, I'm grooving now so thanks!





Hey, great to read things smoothed out for you.




It seems as though it was a temporary fix. Almost every time I head to the playlist I can only scroll down so far (maybe 75 songs or so?) and it won't load any more songs, nor will it play. Today it worked. 


I'm going to chalk this up to either my work computer or the 1800+ playlist being too much for the webplayer. If the latter is the case, that's very disappointing as this is how I'd like to use Spotify.


I'll keep trying.

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