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Webplayer not playing music

Webplayer not playing music

Hello all:

I can no longer play music at all in my web player, and I cannot even log in to my Spotify app on my phone.  FYI:  A few months ago I upgraded to my current phone, but I don't really think that's the problem.


The webplayer connects to the web just fine:  I can see playlists, my music/songs (and ironically, the ads, of course)...but clicking any "Play" button does absolutely nothing.  This is happening in multiple browsers (Firefox, Opera), on multiple computers, and in different operating systems, including my phone (except when I try to log in to my phone app, it bounces me back to the login screen).


I've been looking both online and here, and here are all the things I've tried:

  • I tried using the "Log me out everywhere" option in My Account, then logged back in using the browser
  • I updated my Spotify app on my phone and tried logging in there (unsuccessful)
  • I checked to ensure digital rights management (DRM) playback was enabled in all browsers (I still see the little "chain" icon in my browser bar in Firefox, but I'm guessing that it's more of a notice of DRM being on, rather than an indication of a malfunction).
  • I checked the "Spotify Connect" icon to ensure that I was connecting through the browser, and there wasn't some hangup on my phone somewhere (unlikely, since I couldn't log in there anyway).
  • I cleared my browser cache and cookies.
  • I checked to ensure that autoplayback (Firefox settings) was enabled.
  • I updated/changed my password (and then cleared cache/cookies again before attempting to log back in
  • I contacted Customer Support (nothing yet).

So...did I miss anything?  Are you stumped like me, or is there something else I can try?  Any help is appreciated!


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Hey @superion_unit


Support should get back to you in 2-3 days, depending on the queue length. 🙂


Meanwhile - have you tried restarting the router? Maybe there's some sort of network congestion, it can also cause issues like this.


Hope this helps!

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I had a similar problem with the web player the other day, but could fix it by starting something in the desktop app on the same computer and then switch the playback to the open web player with the Spotify Connect feature in the desktop app.

I also have this problem.  Webplayer behaves fine, except that it doesn't play (and when clicking on the devices icon, the webplayer doesn't show up)

I have this issue regularly if the mobile (Android) app was used before.



  • Start mobile/Android app
  • press play in the mobile app
  • stop it 
  • close the mobile app
  • refresh the webplayer

Another trial could be to delete the browser cache and cookies (not needed for me till now)

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