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Webplayer not working!

Webplayer not working!


I try to use spotify webplayer at work and it has become impossible. There is no error message of any kind, but I tried every play button in the player and it won't work. 

It's been couple of weeks now, that I have this problem. Before, everything worked fine (more or less ;)). 

I use chrome and my internet connection seems to be fine, cause I have no problems with other websites. 

What to do?

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I have this issue today. The webplayer worked yesterday, and Spotify will play on my iPhone app, but it won't do anything today. I can't see error messages or anything. I cancelled my premium subscription a while ago because of similar issues, too bad they haven't improved much in that area. 😞 
Hopefully it won't take six months for a fix like it did for me last time!!!

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