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Webplayer playing songs, but no sound - firefox

Webplayer playing songs, but no sound - firefox



I've been using the Spotify webplayer for a long time on the firefox browser and it's been working perfectly for some time. Upon installing new headphones, I can no longer hear songs playing from the firefox webplayer. The song will play, but no sound will be heard. Sound as well as the webplayer works perfectly on the chrome browser. Is there anyway to troubleshoot this? Thanks.


Edit: Turns out I had it muted in the program that handles all sound. It has been solved, thanks.

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I have the same issue at home on my laptop, win 8.1, doesn't work in Chrome and Firefox but does work in IE. Went through sound settings, nothing, but it's only spotify that doesn't work, all other sound works fine.


...not the same issue, thought i was replying to another post!

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