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Webplayer radio function missing

Webplayer radio function missing

Hi, a few days ago, I'm not sure when somewhere around the weekend, I started my browser and wanted to continue playing my radio, everything was fine, until I searched another song and wanted to play the radio for that.

There I noticed that the option "start a radio for this song/artist" was missing, not only that the whole radio category on the left side is missing I only have "Search" "Browse" "Your Music" and "Follow" left.

I googled a bunch, but even the official help page still shows the function there and even has instructions on how to use it.

Did this function get removed and this change just got communicated very badly or is something wrong?

I did try logging out in, restarting the page still the same.

Hope someone can help me with this.




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This same thing is happening to me on my Web Player. Interestingly, my iPhone app still has its radio feature working, and shows all of my previous radio stations intact.


I tried resetting cookies, different browsers, different computers, logging everything out--no help. I'm starting to suspect this is some sadistic A-B testing that Spotify is doing :(.

This has happened to me a couple weeks ago only for webplayer though. 

Has anyone gotten this issue resolved?

I'm so frustrated that I can't get direct help, or a live chat to get help. And still have no radio option. 


Have you been able to get it resolved? I am so frustrated. 

Same problem here but on the android app.. rediculous lack of support from anywhere.   

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