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Weird Problem with Volvo Sensus Connected Touch

Weird Problem with Volvo Sensus Connected Touch



I have spotify running on my Volvo via the Sensus Connected Touch.  No problems accessing and playing my playlists EXCEPT the Spotify "Discover Weekly" playlist.


The Discover Weekly playlist was working fine in my car all the while until a couple of months ago.  Now it says "Loading" as the label for that playlist item.  The playlist is still accessible on my phone / desktop though.


I tried to unfollow / follow the playlist but it didn't solve the problem.


Can someone please help me out here?  Desperate to get the Discover Weekly playlist working again in my car.

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Hi, I had the same problem.

But now, my problem is, that I can not login to Spotify via Volvo SCT anymore (since 2 days, I think).

Do you have the same problem?


Best regards


I have exactly the same problem here. Already spent hours with Spotify support trying to fix this issue and nothing actually worked. They don't even know what Sensus Connected Touch is. I think they are probably sending some parameter in Discover Weekly playlist that the old Spotify client on SCT doesn’t recognize. As a workaround I've been manually replicating the playlist every time Spotify updates it.

Yes, same problem here. Tried to fix it by logging out, but now I can't log in again, because "the application requires a network", while using wifi... (the browser works)

very very annoying.

I have the same problem also. Says loading playlist on some of the playlist. It started just a couple of month ago. 

Also an anoying thing, i never cant sort the playlist. The latest added song i have to scroll to the end of the playlist. I would like it reversed, the latest song first to listen. My android app i can sort it. I would like it also in Volvo sensus Connected touch version of spotify app. Realy hate it.   


I have heard that its parrot, who makes the vovo system that builds spotify app? Somebody has to fix it. The comments in this discussion is old and nothing seems to happen. To bad.

LibSpotify, which Parrots Spotify version in our SCTs is built on, has lost support for editorial playlists.


All "editorial" lists will behave like this. It's because they're not proper playlists (like the ones you make yourself) and Spotify has turned off something in their backend that translates "editorial" lists to regular lists.


Source: i'm an old employee making some educated guesses (and owner of SCT in my Volvo as well)

Tanks for your reply. To bad nobody does anything about it. I'm using my phone instead and I'm not happy about it

I just reached out to Spotify support and their Twitter account. Hoping to get a response or some helpful information. My issues sprang up early in 2017, as well.

Update: I've been working with Spotify technical support since I made my last post with no success. The in-car app is still just "Loading..." for the Spotify-created playlists. At least the support team are trying and are very friendly. 

Have other people reached out to them via chat? Maybe if they hear from more of us it'll put a fire under them.

Update: They're apparently still working on it.


"Just a quick update for you. Our best tech folks are still looking into this, sorry to keep you waiting. 

We understand this must be frustrating, but hopefully it shouldn’t be too much longer before we've resolved the issue.

Thanks again for your patience, we really appreciate it."

It's crazy this is taking so long for them to figure out. Meanwhile, Volvo support throws their hands in the air and suggests going to the dealership techs for them to "investigate it."


Update: STILL "working on it."


"Thanks for getting back to us.

We have alerted our developers to this issue and they are investigating the matter. We appreciate your feedback as it helps inform our decisions going forward.

We also recommend reaching out to Volvo to check if they're planning to release any updates for your car model.

We thank you for your patience on this matter. If you have other questions, please don't hesitate to let us know."


It would seem after three emails just like this that they're not doing anything about it. I guess hounding Volvo would be the next step? It's frustrating.

You have also parrot who's responsible for Volvo sensus connected touch.


I think this is really bad. I mean the whole system in a rather new car. Hardly any apps and the only great app whit a use for every day doesn't work. Pay lots of money to something that's **bleep**. Not what i expected from Volvo. 


Volvo spotify and parrot aren't doing anything about it. Just pointing the fingers at each other. Spotify is at least responding to the emails. Volvo wanted me to contact parrot or the Volvo service mechanic. Doesn't make any sense. 

UPDATE: I emailed Spotify for what must be the 100th time and am waiting on a response. I also CC'd 


After that, I called "Parrot customer service" (Google exactly that to get their phone number) who actually seem interested in fixing the issue since it is they who control what's on the Asteroid market, including the version of Spotify that they have on there that is built on LibSpotify, which Spotify no longer supports. Maybe progress will be made? I'd encourage others to give them a shout and let them know your issue. It's important to stress that the only connection between SCT and your phone is that SCT uses your phone for an internet connection and that the SCT is NOT controlled through your phone. Also, the SCT is a legacy product; be sure to tell them that.

UPDATE: Parrott got back to me with this:

"Apologies for any delay Timothy I was investigating further in your case in relation to your Parrot Sensus-Connected-Touch ( VOLVO ) as I understand it wasn't working as intended with Spotify.
I understand that we agreed to '' Hard Reset '' on the device but you were afraid that you will lose the data on the device it self.
I double-checked the above and it seems that if you go through '' Hard Reset '' data will be deleted to be honest with you.
Hard reset was part of the trouble-shooting steps, so if you are still having the same issue I would recommend '' Hard Reset ''."
I'm terrified to try this and I'm not at all certain this will fix the issue as the issue seems to be with the Spotify app that Parrott themselves built using LibSpotify, which is no longer supported by Spotify proper.

UPDATE: I took a leap of faith and did a factory reset of the Volvo Sensus Connect as was recommended by Parrot technical support. Sadly, that didn't fix the issue. The ditorial lists are still stuck in a ste of "loading." I've emailed Parrot with the news and implored them to fix their darn app which was developed by "Parrot SA."


Progress! Parrot are working on an update, but they don't know when it will be ready.


Well, while we're waiting on an update, has anyone else's search function in Spotify stopped working?

Also, the weather widget on the home screen seems to have stopped updating. I noticed both of these things on Friday, Jan. 5, 2018.

Hi Tim, thanks for your ongoing effort in trying to get this thing going. It is frustrating, we all paid quite a lot of money for this 'futuristic' system, and are stuck with non working Spotify and a far-from-ideal navigation app.

Hi, I also realized the search not finding any results.

First time I realized it was mid/end of December.

Same here, i contacted Parrot, they said go to Spotify, who just replied a few minutes ago, i need to go to Volvo Cars Support. Which is a bummer, because they will ask me to leave the car there, probably they will do some magic in software and i will pay hundreds of EUR. 😞

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