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Weird Problem with Volvo Sensus Connected Touch

Weird Problem with Volvo Sensus Connected Touch



I have spotify running on my Volvo via the Sensus Connected Touch.  No problems accessing and playing my playlists EXCEPT the Spotify "Discover Weekly" playlist.


The Discover Weekly playlist was working fine in my car all the while until a couple of months ago.  Now it says "Loading" as the label for that playlist item.  The playlist is still accessible on my phone / desktop though.


I tried to unfollow / follow the playlist but it didn't solve the problem.


Can someone please help me out here?  Desperate to get the Discover Weekly playlist working again in my car.

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Unfortunately, i can not use your case numbers as reference, as i am an EU customer and not from US...


Parrot UK support is a joke...They refer me to Spotify, simply telling me that their software is not supported anymore. I keep pushing them.

UK, France .. They all seem either uninformed or not allowed to give info. I tried so much ways to get them to tell the real issue and status of solution. US seems to give the real info, lets hope they fix it soon.

I have SCT in my Volvo XC70 2013.

I cant login with my family account.


I downloaded an update today but it did not solved the login problem.

please, what update you are taling about? spotify or stc?

It was a Spotify update from SCT Asteroid Market.

version on my SCT is

Spotify 100.4.9

Lipspotify 12.1.134

SCT 1.49.34

Android 2.3.7


Version V01.49.34_volvo_eu


I see. Thanks, Markus. That's the same version I have. Unforuntanely, that update is still built on LibSpotify which Spotify doesn't support anymore. Parrot either have to update this app or build a new one.


I just emailed my dealsership with all of my previous emails and I detailed everything for the, They initially said it sounds like it's a Spotify issue, but Spotify didn't built this app -- Parrot did. And Parrot are the only ones who can fix it.



This case has to be escalated.

I have received the following from Parrot:



Unfortunately, Parrot will not support Spotify again on Asteroid Market.

Best Regards,
Parrot Customer Service & Support"


This company has no idea what they communicate. We have to look into it in legal point of view, whether they informed properly their OEM partner Volvo or their customers about planning the EOL of this functionality. This product is still marketed with the functionality of Spotify. We have to make an action!

It's a disgrace! 

I think especialy Volvo must take a bigger responsible. I mean if i buy the car and some parts is bad i dont want to chase Volvos suppliers. 


It is absolutely disgraceful. Selling this upgrade and using Spotify as a major selling point only to have support killed off while the developer had been made aware of ongoing issues with their app for over a year. I've seen some folks in this forum and others who have had this device for only three years and others only a few weeks. It sure stinks to now effectively have a $1,300 weather app and a store with only 5 apps, two of which are duplicates (Radioline). 


This makes me seriously question whether I'll buy another Volvo with shoddy support such as this. The BMW 5 series is looking mighty fine. Shame, because I had my eyes on an S90, but if apps are going to lose support after a couple of years, what's the point? How can I trust that other apps like those in the latest version of Sensus aren't going to lose support after 1-3 years of having purchased it?

Support from parrot smart in Australia told me that parrot head office are more interested in drones than head units...I pretty **bleep** off with both parrot and Spotify...grrrr

I have same problem when i Tryggare to log in. It says that i need a premium account, witch i have.

I saw that more people have that kind of problem. Anyone knows how to solve it, please replay. 

Sadly, the only people who can fix the issue are Parrot. Go back a page or two to find their contact info. Otherwise, it now seems their method of handling the situation is to go quiet.

I have reported the problem to Volvo customer service in Sweden, im wating for a reply. I will update you later

But Spotify give the last update to Android 2.3 in 2014...

And the unit is build on Android 2.3...

I hope Volvo pay Spotify to build a new app to SCT, but I not sure they will do that.

I to have same issue. Bought my sct 2 years ago and believed it' lifetime should be longer than that when paying more than 1000$.


Both Volvo and Spotify still advertise it so I take for granted they will fix it. If not we need to act together in class action lawsuit.





This seems to be the final word from Volvo:


I responded saying I'll have to consider this lack of support when it comes time to purchase a new vehicle. 

Well I almost sure now that my next car is going to be a Volvo. One of the most important selling points was the high tech sct, wich it was at time being.


The way they treated this issue shows they are not to be on the tech stage  they are still analog autoshop 

This is an absolute ignorance from Volvo.

Do you guys remember anything you purchased from Parrot? I don't...

I don't maintain any business relationship with Parrot and i dont like to do that. This is 100% Volvo responsibility to solve the issues with his suppliers, it is NOT our job to chase Volvo OEM partners...


This is largely non-sense. I am very upset with Volvo.

I talked to a support person at Volvo yesterday. He didn' have any further info at the moment but he thought that Volvo was talking to parrot. As of now it was too early to say what they will come up with but I urged him to put up more info on their web so people can see Volvo is aware of it and they are working on a solution. Atleast they should give some info thwt they sre trying to resolve it. Let's give them a chance to resolve it. If they are unable to I will claim all the money back that spent on this system and remember this next time I purchase a car. 

I believe Volvo will resolve this in one way or the other. It doesn' look good for them selling stuff that suddenly doesn' work and they don' care. 


I also encounter the same pb in France since january.

Volvo doesn't know what to do.

Parrot asked me to call Volvo.

Spotify support says the same.

So, what do we do ? 

Whate a shame for a 1500e system !

But I am pessimistic when I read that kind of message (sorry, it is in french) :

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