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What is Loudness Penalty?

What is Loudness Penalty?

I try to understand what is loudness penalty,

1 - Is it only for ads?

2- Is it a Limiter to level down louder mastering?

3- Does it affect my music and his visibility?

4- or I just realy don't understand it and it's something else?

So if anybody can help me understand go for it!







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Hey @Koopsala 


May I ask where you heard about this? 🙂


Loudness Penalty is basically meant for online streaming (Youtube, Spotify, Tidal etc) and its purpose is to lower the chances that users get blasted by very loud music.

Spotify uses Volume Normalization to even out the volume levels across albums or tracks. You can learn more about that right here.

That Spotify for Artists link is very useful to anyone wanting to release music for listening on Spotify!


This Loudness Penalty site (by MeterPlugs) might be helpful for understanding it better. 🙂


Let me know if you need more help!

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I'm a producer and was wondering why our songs sound different on Spotify Youtube etc... and I start looking and found about loudness. 


I realise now that it's a deeper subject then I thought and at the same time we should focus on our music more then this. 



I'm glad they do that. It's very annoying. The only loudness that you should get surprised by is the Japanese Rock band.

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