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What's wrong with Spotify!?

What's wrong with Spotify!?

Hi, I've very rarely found anything more frustrating and complicated and stubborn than Spotify.


I wanted to contact other users, to talk about the playlists we have in common.

And I read it's not possible anymore?

It's not even possible to send a song or a playlist to another user?


What are you guys trying to do, a copy of the stubbornness of Apple which cuts off features and ports from its products and calls it progress?



Besides that, I wanted to share my playlists on the dedicated thread here, but every single time I try it gives me the error that I have to enter the right URL for the playlist, which I did already.


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Hello @KleinAberFein


Thank you for reaching out here in the Community!


For more details on why it's no longer possible to engage with other users directly on Spotify, make sure to check out the Status Update on this Idea. You can also find there other ways to share your playlists. 


If it comes to sharing your playlists here in the Playlists Exchange:


Try adding your username URI first.

It should be a string of numbers and/or letters, e.g.:

And then add the playlist URI.

So the URI in playlist exchange should look similar to this:


I hope it helps!

  • Thank you @Emilia_8


I've visited the link you provided. That's exactly the kind of inflexible arrogant authoritative repressive inconsiderate stubbornness which I was referring to.


And the reason why I'll leave Spotify.

When people don't listen to customers and do what they want, I invite to rebellion and boycott before they become too powerful (like Google) and the lack of competitors forces people to stick with something they don't like (Facebook is another example).


Luckily enough there are at least 2 other providers of this kind of service.

So I'll see which one reacts positively to customer's 0 requests and feedbacks, and I'll stick with that.



Anyway the reason which this person gave for eliminating  thesocial aspect of Spotify is RIDICULOUS.

Nobody was using it and it was needing too much resources?

Nobody is using this community! I didn't even know it existed! I bet my life that it's more people likely to send a thank to the playlist curators in the app, than coming here.


I've looked for ages for a way to contact a specific user directly.

Features like sending to people a little message, a "thanks, I've found so much gold in your playlists".

Making new friends based on the common interests in music.

Sending just even a smile, a heart or whatever.

Cutting this possibility is so stupid. Look the Power of social media.

People want to contact each other, communicate, etc.

Who cares how many followers I have, if I can't even communicate with them?



Then, at the end of her post she gives as link to keep giving feedbacks on this subject.

When I click on that kick, I'm not allowed to, in restricted, not enough privileges.

Why? What's, Mafia? Censorship? They saw that too many people was complaining and they disabled access to that thread?




About the sharing playlist thing, I thank you for the tip, which confirms what I've said: stubborn and complicated.

I could have very easily shared the playlist as a link in the text of the message.

I wasn't allowed to. I couldn't post the thread without completing the dedicated space with the link of the playlist, and to do that I needed this extremely complicated way which isn't written anywhere?





Thanks anyway, and of course, nothing with you.

The emotion which transpires through my words is related to Spotify, you don't work for them 🙂

Hi @KleinAberFein


Thanks for the response!


I'm sure that might be a useful feature for some, sometimes I'd like to be able contact other users as well. 


If you feel strongly about this, you're always welcome to submit your ideas if you wish. Possibly this time it'll be considered. More details on that can be found in this article


Also, when you try to post your playlist, there should be all the valid URIs shown after hovering over the ? sign:



If you have any further questions, feel free to ask! 

Hi @Emilia_8


Well, the mobile version of the website doesn't have that question mark.

I've seen that if I select "desktop version", I get it too. Still, not very intuitive.


As said, in many things in Spotify I keep having this impression that they don't give a S about us. It feels like something people made just to make their money and they're keeping all efforts of money/time/resources to a minimum, stopping the development of the app, and keeping things how they are, to make the most money with the least effort.

I can smell it.

And it doesn't smell well. Being used.


What about the link you gave me?

With the reasons for the abolition of communication between users?

At the end of her message she gives a link to keep discussing.

I can't access. Can you?

Hey there @KleinAberFein,


Thanks for sharing your feedback here in the Community!


The thread mentioned in that idea used to be in a board that no longer exists, which would explain why you're having troubles accessing it.


However, we really do appreciate taking the time to share your thoughts here! Keep in mind though that as the status update of the idea mentioned, we don't have any plans at the moment to bring back this feature. Any updates we have on this would be shared there so you can always subscribe to that thread to stay up to speed for any new developments.


On another note, we've recently made some changes in the Playlist Exchange area so that you should no longer have any troubles sharing the URI link of your playlists straight away - no need to add any additional details to generate a play button 🙂


Hope this is helpful but don't hesitate to give us a shout if there's anything else we can help with. We'll be happy to lend a hand.


Have a lovely day 🙂

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