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What smartphone to get for best Spotify voice control?

What smartphone to get for best Spotify voice control?

First time coming here, I still use a super old basic slide phone that looks like it's straight from the 90s and have been thinking about finally upgrading to a smartphone. One of the biggest reasons being to listen to Spotify in my car while driving so I'm not stuck playing thr same burnt out music from my iPod. 


Just st wanted to know from other Spotify users that use it for the same. What's your take on your phones capabilities of using the voice control feature, or what you think the best phones are. Maybe they are about all the same but I wouldn't know. So I appreciate your input , thanks !

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Hi @Squidcub and welcome! 🙂

From personal experience, I can only speak for the iphone as that has been my smartphone "go-to" for years I can't even recall. 😛
As of right now there isn't much functionality for voice control + Spotify. You can tell Siri to open Spotify, but there isn't really any sort of navigation within the app. 
I personally have always found it too burdensome to even use voice control with my phone so I am not a great resource there.
When it comes to car functionality though, it really depends on your car model since the integration is different with every infotainment system. There's a helpful FAQ here that can give you a little insight on Spotify's function with different vehicles.

I sync my phone with my car via bluetooth and it automatically picks up and plays whatever I had streaming on Spotify. I tend to create playlists for the road in advance and use my steering wheel controls or my onscreen nav tools if I need to adjust anything on the go. So far, I have no real complaints and it works out well for me. 🙂 It's definitely a huge plus from the days of swapping out the 6 CD changer and lol - the good old cassette tapes. 😄 Having a mobile variety of music is critical to me!

I know though that iphone isn't for everyone and using it for your other daily needs might not be ideal depending on your preferences.
My personal suggestion is if you are making such big leap from old to new school phones, try a few out in store and see what feels and operates nicely to you. Smartphones are like pocket computers and can pretty much do anything a laptop can for mobility purposes so I'd want you to be happy getting the most out of the entire experience. 🙂
They definitely make your life alot easier when it comes to appointments, traffic, navigation, things to do/see/eat/visit or just keep in touch with texts/photos/emails etc.
Good luck and I hope you can find something that suits your exact lifestyle! 🙂

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