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When are Spotify stopping supporting Pioneer Receivers which support Spotify Connect?

When are Spotify stopping supporting Pioneer Receivers which support Spotify Connect?


I received an email yesterday to say Spotify are stopping support for my Pioneer Speaker soon.


- When is soon?


- Does stopping support mean Spotify just won't support it or it will stop working?
Stopping support means a company won't address issues but I believe Spotify are going to actually stop the feature from working.


- Why? There's no reason given why this is necessary.


The email rather bizzaely says:

"We want to make playing Spotify on your speaker and other devices better and easier"

How is stopping support better or easier? Why not just stop supporting it? So if it breaks too bad.


I only bought my receiver 2 years ago specifically as it supported Spotifty Connect. Spotify is in part more popular over rivals as Spotify works on so many devices, or did.


I guess like everyone else I'll need to buy a Chromecast Audio 😕

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Yeah, it’s sad. I was a huge fan of pioneer products, now they’re owned by Onkyo and judging by the care Onkyo has given for its customers during this time, I don’t think my next product will be Pioneer (and certainly not Onkyo).

You cant connect with airplay or itunes now through the Pioneer?

The problem is that Pioneer will not pay the fee to Spotify. This should influence you choice of future receivers.
Meanwhile: if you have Google Chrome browser, put the Spotify link on it as a bookmark. Then use Chromecast to cast Spotify music to your receiver via your WiFi or a Chromecast dongle.

Anyone else have issues with the latest version and connection with a pioneer car reciever? Got to use an ancient version of spotify to play music





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