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When will 320 kbps stream work for Chromecast Audio?

When will 320 kbps stream work for Chromecast Audio?


I read in another thread that Spotify is working on getting the 320 kbps Premium stream to work with Chromecast Audio.


When will this happen?


Any why is the current Premium stream limited to 256 kbps AAC?


Certainly, the Chromecast Audio can play the native Premium 320 kbps Vorbis stream, right?

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Any word from a Spotify rep on this?



OK, so nothing from Spotify on this...


So for the Chromecast, 256 kbps AAC is it.  I still don't understand why Spotify limits the bitrate and why Spotify streams in both AAC and Vorbis, depending on the device.  


I wonder if Sonos still receives the 320 kbps Vorbis stream? 


We have a Sonos Connect and Play5.


What bitrate do "Spotify Connect" devices get now?


Also, when using the phone app, "Very High" is the highest setting.  Is this still 320 kbps?


I used to be confident that my Premium subscription allowed me to get the highest 320 kbps stream to any device, which was one of the key reasons for upgrading to Premium.  Confusing and disappointing...

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