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When will my artists be in alphabetical order again. I love Spotify but this change is rubbish!

When will my artists be in alphabetical order again. I love Spotify but this change is rubbish!






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3 Replies

Hi @louise_jayne_h


I understand your frustration with this update. First off, here's a link that explains some of the changes with the update (including Artist changes). The artist tab now houses the artists you've followed. You can sort your followed artists in alphabetical order or by recently added by pulling down on the artists screen on mobile, or selecting the sort by option on desktop. There is a tool in this thread that will mass-follow every artist of your liked songs, if you think that would be helpful to you.


I realize that the functionality is different than what it was before, but I hope this helps somewhat! 

Spotify has been receiving negative feedback about this change since February when they released it to a small group of beta testers. When they mass released it in June to everyone, the feedback was intensely negative here on the Community page, and on Reddit, Twitter, YouTube, and plenty of news sites/blogs, etc.


Every post so far on the Community page about this has been listed as "Not Right Now" or some other tag that basically says Spotify is not interested in returning the basic functionality that every music library has.


And somehow Spotify and these "Rock Stars" seem to not recognize that Following all artists is a poor substitute, since it negates the ACTUALLY good idea of being able to sort or filter your library by favorite artists and forces you to Follow artists you might otherwise not be interested in actually following. Instead, we get these canned responses telling us that this change is to provide a "better listening experience for everyone". Except clearly not everyone, because you're not the only one who hates this.


As a result of Spotify repeatedly insisting that this is not worth changing, I implore you to do as I did and cancel any Premium subscription you have and move services.


Speak with your wallet, they have zero incentive to change if they keep getting paid.


I want to stick with Spotify, but to make finding my music more difficult through one of the most confusingly poor decisions ever, that doesn't deserve my fiancial support.

Hi @bhare,


Just wanted to say I totally understand your frustration. The "rock stars" and "rising stars" are customers just like you and are having frustrations ourselves, we are just trying to help the best we can with the options we have! I understand your decision to find another music application, and I do hope that you find something that works well for you. 

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