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Where can I find settings menu in Spotify Webplayer

Where can I find settings menu in Spotify Webplayer

I've been looking for the settings menu in the Spotify Webplayer to adjust preferences like autoplay songs, quality etc. but can't find it (Windows 10 - Chrome).


This is really frustrating; Spotify interface hasn't improved in the last few years (Web, app and mobile) and currently I'm even looking at other alternatives to Spotify just because of the Spotify interface. 


I'll create a user story for you since Spotify works Agile/Devops: as a Spotify Premium user, I would like a settings button in all Spotify interfaces (web/app/desktop app) in the upper right corner so I can change all my Spotify settings.

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I've been looking for the same button but it's nowhere to be found on the webplayer

There is none... 

higher audio quality is only possible in the app - not on the web player...

The new web player is not worth paying for premium, I use Spotify mainly at work and can only access the player since I can't install any apps. Besides the missing menu options, it keeps stopping randomly and I have to refresh the page several times a day.

I'm trying to change the setting so that links open the desktop app rather than the web player, but all instructions lead me to a "settings" link that no longer seems to exist.


I do have the "Allow Spotify to be opened from the web" setting in the desktop player turned on, but that doesn't work any better than the "Open Spotify automatically after log in" option that's also turned on and not working. 

Screen Shot 2017-11-07 at 12.37.21 PM.png

Same problem. Really annoying when people send music, and I gotta search up the artist and find the song every time. Instead of just clicking their link... like how it should work

You can copy the link into the search box of the desktop app and it'll go to that album/artist/song/playlist

Same issue here. Did you find a way to solve this?

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