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Where can you find the newest singles and albums

Where can you find the newest singles and albums

Ive searched for the new album of Hunter Hayes. storyline,
But i cant find it. Please help me.
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Hi, is this the album you're looking for? 




You can browse new releases by going to the Browse and then clicking New Releases.

Thank you so much! Yes!
But 1 question: can i find it on the app And make a playlist?

Of course! Here, I'll link you to the album: Hunter Hayes – Storyline


That should open up in the Spotify app. Just click the (...) button and select Add to -> New Playlist.


Edit: @Swiftiess13tay - I've moved the topic from Music Chat to Help - Other. Just tagging you so you see where I've put the topic!

Ive troed to open the link but it wont... I cant see the songs and i cant add it to my playlist..

What country are you in?

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The Netherlands. Why? Haha

Ah, it seems that the album is not yet available in the Netherlands. Sorry about that! 

Ok:( its september now and hunter's album came out may:( sorry for bad english

But thanks for the help

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