Where did the activity feed go?

Where did the activity feed go?


I just installed an update to the Windows (Desktop) client this morning and the activity feed on the right is gone. And seemingly no where to turn it on. Has this been done away with for good? I found it a great way to discover new music seeing what my friends are listening to. And if it's an entirely seperate section I'm unlikely to actively go to it. Was just something good to glance at. 

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Hi @sebconn - As far as I know, it's  something Spotify is randomly user-testing on a small scale.  I still have it- so I can't address it directly- but the people who report losing it say they have a new item int their navigation aera on the right, where Discover and Follow are, that's labeled Activity.  If you have it there, how do you like it?  I haven't seen it yet. The other possiibility is that you accidentally closed it- if that's the case, you can open it back up through the title-bar menu- go to View, then make sure "Activity Feed" is checkmarked.


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Yeah I noticed the activity section. This doesn't show a constant ticker of what people are playing though, just what they've shared. Even if it did, I likely wouldn't use it. The advantage of having it as a togglable sidebar is I could glance at it from time to time, when it's a seperate section you have to go to, I just won't use it, out of sight out of mind. A simple togglable sidebar is much better. 


On another note, I don't remember signing up to a beta program, I wasn't away the general public was part of Spotify's UAT processes. 


My activity feed is also suddenly gone. When I go to "Activity" in the menu to the left, it says "There's currently noone to follow", while I'm following 178 people according to my profile page. I liked the activity sidebar. It wasn't in the way, and I use(d) it very often to discover new music. Would be great if I could get it back somehow, because I don't see an option to re-enable it anywhere.


@sebconn wrote:

On another note, I don't remember signing up to a beta program, I wasn't away the general public was part of Spotify's UAT processes. 



Yeah, much preferred the update juuust before this one. They had it perfect when they increased the size of the activity in the last update. Seeing what friends are listening to from a glance is half the reason I like/use spotify - just makes it a nicer interface socially.


Bring the activity bar back. Coolest feature of Spotify. Found lots of new music through friends (They don't share a lot)


I agree - please bring it back. Mine has gone too.


Same here.  I hate it so much that I uninstalled the app and then reinstalled the old version.  No restarting for me again until I hear that spotify has bought back the activity bar!!!


I have resorted to that work-around too Jo. I also don't plan to restart until the activity feed is back. The new "activity" page is no substitute for the activity feed because it does not show real time updates to what friends are listening to.


How do you install the old version? This new update without activity is the worst.

Activity feed went to earned vacation Big smile

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