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Where is the Messenger song preview?(browser)

Where is the Messenger song preview?(browser)

So, thats a thing that have been annoying me for a few weeks. Me and a friend used to share songs everyday through messenger during our talks. It is the way we show each other new songs or bands, and with that magical 30 sec preview, we could know if we would like it or not. But unfortunately, the magic is over. For some reason, the preview no longer appear. I'm not sure if it is a bug, or for some reason that functionality was removed, if so, that would be a shame, that is one of the biggest reasons I like spotify. So guys, does anyone else noticed that? Can someone tell me what is happening?

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Hey @justmagir, help's here.


You should be able to share your music with Messenger. The issue you were seeing might've been temporary. Could you try with the steps provided here?


Let us know how it goes 🙂


Same problem. Have you found a solution? 

Hey @DazzCase,


Thanks for posting here 🙂


Currently there is no option to preview a song after opening it through Messenger. 


You can check this this idea and add your +Vote as it seems similar to your suggestion. You can also Subscribe to the thread so you can stay up-to-date with any relevant news about this.


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