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Who do I contact about incorrect artist page content?

Who do I contact about incorrect artist page content?

Two artist specifically, Dozer and The Company Band, both have other artist on their page. Dozer (rock band) page also lists results for Dozer (rapper), while The Company Band page list another completely different artist by the name of Zach Bellas and The Company Band, close but no cigar. Another question I have is, is there a way to hide or block an artist or albums? Take Jack Johnson for example, his new album is listed but so is the commentary version of it, so annoying! I wish I could remove it or hide it, I mean who really listens to the commentary? Thanks in advance.


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Hello and welcome to the Spotify Community!

You should get in contact with the customer support by using this contact form or via Twitter @spotifycares.

When you receive the automated email that leads you back to the community or help pages, reply to it (even if it's from "no-reply") and one of the Spotify team members will get back to you as soon as possible and don't forget to check your Spam-Email's as well ;).
Spotify should answer you within the first 24 Hours.




If they don't reply to you, please write heare your Case Number so i'll lead this to the spotify team.


Have a nice day and thank you very much for you patience! 🙂


Kind regards,

Max aka. Amarro

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Im not a Spotify Employee.

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