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Why GIVE YOU UP singing Rudimental not on Spotify?

Why GIVE YOU UP singing Rudimental not on Spotify?


8 Replies

Hey @alfaxe_ and welcome to the community!


It is available for me. Do you not have access to it using this link? It's track number 13.

thanks for the welcome, and thanks for your quick response


I can not select the song.
It's my favorite song  😞


Hi there welcome!

Sadly it is not available in your country. I would contact the record label and beg them to make it available in your country.

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Umm then it seems that it's not available in your country, unfortunately 😞 This is not a restriction from Spotify but the decision of the legal right holders/the label Rudimental is on. You can check on this page in which countries it is available. Type in "Home (Deluxe Edition)", it shows me 52 different countries.

please, I would greatly appreciate it   :DDD

That I surprise that the this available album for my country (Chile), but the song doesn't

Have you checked if the deluxe edition is on the artists page? It might be that they have uploaded different versions for Europe and Chile/(South) America, which is why you can't play it through my link. When I go to Rudimentals artist page, first the normal album is shown (without "Give You Up") and after that the deluxe edition is displayed (with "Give You Up").

Me both discs appear on having looked For "Rudimental", "Home" and "Home Deluxe" appears, is for this that rare meeting that not this one this song

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